Real Time Project Navigation with Velocity

At PMI - Passion for Projects, 12-13 March, Gothenburg, VMG will share a preview of Velocity X. It is a unifying innovation that just like Google Traffic helps you and your colleagues navigate in real-time, with unprecedented clarity, in your complex project and resource reality.

So, what does it help you with? If you are a project manager, it helps you to find the best route to you goal - and when you will arrive there. It tells you when the situation in front of you makes it better to change route. And it works equally well whether you are in an agile or a waterfall car. For the team member it shows all available road turns and which is best to take next.

For the line manager it shows if their part of the area risk to become congested – and how serious it will be. Can capacity be changed or is it important which cars to let go through first? Are you concerned about the whole traffic system as manager? You can make sure there is a great overall flow of traffic so that every car has a chance reach its destination on time. You will also know if there are consistent bottle-necks where it would be great to expand the road. So, to summarize the key benefits:


  • Frictionless collaboration and synchronization between people => a better total performance.
  • Less stress because the current situation and alternatives are clear => a better work place.
  • A better flow of projects and work through the company/ecosystem => better business results.

In Real-Time Project Navigation with Velocity, it doesn’t matter if a project is agile, predictive or simply line work – it all works. The secret is that we can see each piece of work in a delivery and resource context. The great thing is that it requires very few data, they are almost automatically collected and calculated. Velocity X is different, because we provide intelligent answers to what you need to know so you can navigate with ease and move forward to where you want to go.

We are in booth 22, visit us to know more about real-time Project Navigation or just to chat with us about your thoughts - welcome!